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Simswops made easy

29 Feb 2020

What is a simswop?

A simswop means that we transfer your number from an old SIM card to a new one. A simswop does not mean we transfer your contact numbers or any other information. Transferring any information can only be done if the old SIM card is still with you. If it has been lost or stolen, we can only transfer the number to the new SIM card. This in turn means that the old card will be deactivated as soon as the new one is active; as you can only use one number per SIM card at a time. Kindly also remember that unless you have activated SIM card insurance, your simswop will have to be paid in store.

Step 1

Identify your simswop

A simswop can be done on a prepaid number or a contract number. It is advisable to know what kind of simswop you are doing, as the paperwork required differs for each type of simswop. Contract numbers are divided into two groups; individual and corporate. 

Step 2

The correct paperwork

This is what you will need to ensure a smooth simswop:


1. Five numbers, dialled from your SIM card within the last month OR the original SIM card’s pin and puk number.

2. Proof of identification

Individual Contract

1. Proof of identification of the contract owner

Corporate Contract

1. Proof of identification of the person wishing to do the simswop

2. A signed and dated letterhead, stating that the company agrees with a simswop

3. Proof of identification of the person who signed the letterhead

Step 3

Waiting time

A simswop can take up to 24 hours, and in this time, the new SIM card may be checked but may not stay in a product that is switched on. You may in other words put the SIM card in a phone, but if it is not working yet (‘no service’) then the phone has to be switched off for at least another hour before you check again. After 24 hours a call may be made to the store that originally assisted you.

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