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What to do when your phone gets liquid damage

2 Mar 2020

  1. Get the phone out of harm’s way as soon as possible. This means that if your phone fell into the loo, don’t waste time by flushing first. Just get your phone away from the liquid as soon as you can.
  2. Switch off and take the phone apart. Many phones do not have this option, (like the Iphone) and you should just try to switch the phone off as fast as you can in this case. Liquid and electricity do not mix and if your phone is still on, some electricity may damage the delicate inside of your phone.
  3. Take to an authorised repair centre as soon as you can.

Things NOT to do when your phone gets liquid damage

  1. Do not leave it switched on. You did not get lucky, there may well be damage that will only reveal itself later. Do not charge the phone either.
  2. Do not stuff rice into any area of the phone. You may cause even more damage – the rice may draw the liquid out, but then it may swell and break the phone or leave a starchy residue which is not good for your phone either.
  3. Using a hairdryer or any kind of heat is not recommended. Even on the coldest setting on your hairdryer, you may still cause damage.

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