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How do I blacklist a phone?

8 Apr 2020

A phone that has been blacklisted, will have restricted use. This means that it may still be used with WiFi, but when a sim card is inserted, the phone will not be able to use the sim card. Blacklisting a phone with your service provider will also give you an ITC reference number, which your insurance company may require before they can reimburse you for a damaged or stolen phone.

To blacklist a lost or stolen cellphone, call Customer Care on 082 135, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

Please note: If you don’t have another Vodacom number with you, simply call us from any other cellphone or landline, however normal call rates will apply.

What do I require to blacklist my device?

Last date and cellphone number used with the stolen device
Name, Surname and ID Number
Device serial number (IMEI) 
Device make and model

Complete the form below and take it to your nearest store.

Download the blacklisting form


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