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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could support S Pen

27 Oct 2020

Industry analysts believe that Samsung could change the technology used in its S Pen to support its next foldable smartphone, reports The Elec.

Citing information from UBI Research, The Elec said this would involve switching the technology used in the S Pen from electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology to active electrostatic solution (AES).

By using AES, Samsung would be able to remove the digitiser that is currently needed to support the S Pen.

UBI Research also said that Samsung had considered changing the thickness of the ultrathin glass used on its foldable smartphones.

The research group also claimed that Samsung had considered applying this new S Pen to its current-generation Galaxy Z Fold 2, but decided against this because of issues regarding the durability of the smartphone’s ultrathin glass, as well as due to the flexibility of the digitiser being used.

UBI Research also said that the ultrathin glass used on foldable smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Fold range will be doubled from 30 to 60 micrometres to make it more capable of handling the pressure from the S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy s21 as its next flagship smartphone.

The design of this smartphone was recently leaked by OnLeaks, with the most notable part of these images being a large, elevated camera array housing.

This array sees the three camera lenses positioned in a vertical row, while the smartphone’s flash is positioned next to this housing system.

OnLeaks agreed with other reports regarding the date of the Galaxy S21’s launch.

“If you recently heard a rumour claiming the Galaxy S21 Series launch may happen sooner than usual and more specifically in January, know that my own sources corroborate this rumour,” said OnLeaks.

“Yes, Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra in January 2021.”

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